Applications for Transition Year 2023-24

What is Transition Year

It is a one-year programme designed to act as a bridge between Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle.
It is open to both boys and girls.

The Big Questions

  • Amalgamation – Current students of Scoil Bhride and Presentation College are coming together for High Cross College Transition Year Programme 2023/2024.
  • The TY Programme will be predominantly based in the South campus( Mercy Site), with facilities in the North Campus ( Presentation Site) also being used.
  • The programme will be delivered with a mixture of teachers from High Cross College.
  • We endeavour to accommodate as many students as possible into this beneficial Programme. However, there may be limitations. (Application forms are important if the selection process is required.)

Key Points to note:

  • Experience of Amalgamation in a less formal setting
  • Opportunity and time to develop new relationships.
  • More subject options, e.g. Tech Graph
  • Increased opportunities/ Excellent extracurricular teams/
  • More resources/ Facilities etc.
  • More Expertise from Staff.

High Cross TY Programme

  • Space to reflect, plan and try new things.
  • Age Profile: Are too young to go to university.
  • Don’t know what subjects or career path to follow.
  • COVID: Year to catch up on lost time – This Year group has missed a lot of time in the school setting/contact time
  • Currently, 72.5% of students nationally opt for TY- Substantially higher (81% approx.) in both schools.

In transition year, there is an opportunity for our students to build on academic achievements and the character development attained at Junior level in order to develop and prepare them for the Leaving Certificate and for their future role in society.

  • The transition year programme focuses on the personal development of students and teaches students to relate to and communicate with others in their school/community/collages/workplace in a more effective way.
  • Transition year also aims to prepare students for their adult lives and future careers.
  • Develop Confidence and Maturity.
  • Be better equipped to take on responsibility.
  • Discover new abilities/ Skills- progression of these.
  • Develop research skills, problem-solving skills and project work.

Transition Year and Third Level

  • Studies show that students who do Transition Year attain, on average, 25 points more in their Leaving Cert than those who don’t.
  • Students who repeat their Leaving Cert get, on average, only 5 points more than those who do T.Y (NCCA report)
  • Students who do T.Y. are “more self-reliant learners when they enter Third Level” (Commission on the Points System)

Structure of TY

  • Opportunity to improve knowledge and skills in core subjects, e.g. English, Irish, Maths and Chosen language (French/German) Preparation for Leaving Cert Examination.
  • Subject sampling: Students get to experience various optional subjects for Leaving Certification – Construction Studies, Home Economics, Computer science, DCG, Sciences, Art, Music, Business, etc.
  • Opportunity to experience special TY subjects. e.g. Chinese, Health and Safety, Careers Guidance, Drama, Development Education, I.T, Projects, Debating, Wellbeing, Holocaust Studies, Craft etc.
  • Physical Education in TY- Offers excellent opportunities for TY Students.
  • Work Experience: Three separate weeks of work experience in chosen placement.
  • Activities/ Projects/Awards- Many of which are Certified.

Transition Year in High Cross College

  • T.Y. in the High Cross College will be an extremely busy programme.
  • We endeavour to have a good balance of academia, practical and new challenges. Rotations of timetables allow access to a wide range of subjects.
  • All of your subjects are taught in new and different ways
  • Designated Activities Day- Avoids disruption to core subjects.
  • Great emphasis is placed on teamwork, trying new things and having a good attitude.

Download the Application Form (.doc)

Application Forms will be distributed through current Year Heads and are to be completed and returned to

Date for Return of form: Monday  20th February 2023