Prefects 2023-24

North Campus

Head Girl:  Ailbhe Killilea
Deputy Head Girl: Amy Conneely
(With responsibility for 6th Year Students)

Chairperson of Student Council: Ruth McHugh
Deputy Chairperson: Aoife Doherty
(With responsibility for 5th Year Students)

Abbie Keane
Abby Shaughnessy
Abigail Acton
Abigail Ryan
Ailbhe Forde
Aine Durcan
Amy- Louise Carr
Anna Higgins
Aoife Hogg-Tuck
Caoimhe Sice
Kimberly O’Brien
Sorcha Brennan

South Campus

Head Girl: Hannah Hynes
Deputy Head Girl: Kate Conneely
(With responsibility for 6th Year Students)

Chairperson of Student Council: Ciara Mannion
Deputy Chairperson: Megan Kelly
(With responsibility for 5th Year Students)

Aisling Cleary
Calla Horsnell
Emma Raftery
Faith Ndlovu
Heather Egan
Nabila Hossain
Niamh Ni Aodha
Nyshanaznin Patwary
Sarah Allen
Sana Ali
Shannon Crowe

Senior Prefect Policy

1. Introduction

At High Cross College, we recognise the importance of fostering leadership qualities and promoting responsible student engagement within the school community. As such, each year, a select group of 6th Year students is chosen to serve as Senior Prefects. The primary objective of this policy is to outline the roles and responsibilities of Senior Prefects and to ensure that they maintain the highest standards of conduct, service, and leadership.

2. Selection Criteria

Senior Prefects are chosen based on their demonstrated leadership abilities, commitment to the school, and qualities that make them suitable for this role. The selection process is determined by an application by students, a vote by students and teaching staff.

Prefects are expected to embody the following qualities:

Strong leadership skills.
Responsible and reliable.
Respectful and approachable.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
Positive role models for their peers.
Commitment to the school’s values and principles.

3. Duties and Responsibilities

Senior Prefects at High Cross College undertake a variety of important tasks, including but not limited to:

3.1. Support and Mentorship

Providing guidance and support to younger students.
Assisting in the orientation of new students.

3.2. Representation

Acting as representatives of the student body in various school-related matters.
Representing the school externally in a positive manner.

3.3. Support and Assistance

Assisting school staff as needed, including teachers and ancillary staff.
Carrying out other important functions within the school when requested.

4. Prefect Duties

To fulfil their role effectively, Senior Prefects are expected to:

4.1. Loyalty

Demonstrate loyalty to the school, its teachers, and ancillary staff.

4.2. Representation

Act as the voice for all students within the school.
Strive to maintain a fair and inclusive school environment.

4.3. Availability

Be available to attend meetings and fulfil duties during lunch breaks and before school.
Be punctual and dedicated to their responsibilities.

4.4. School Environment

Contribute to the cleanliness and tidiness of the school grounds and building.
Report important issues to the designated Year Head promptly.

4.5. Communication

Maintain regular communication with the Principal and Deputy Principal.
Attend Parent/Teacher Meetings and evening meetings as required.

4.6. Vigilance

Maintain a vigilant presence within the school, assisting with maintaining good order and promoting high standards of behaviour, both while on duty and in their daily interactions with fellow students.

5. Accountability

Senior Prefects are expected to uphold the highest standards of personal conduct, integrity, and responsibility. Failure to do so may result in the revocation of their prefect status.

6. Review and Amendment

This Senior Prefect Policy will be reviewed annually to ensure its effectiveness and relevance. Amendments may be made as necessary to meet the evolving needs of the school and its student body.

High Cross College is committed to providing opportunities for leadership development and fostering a positive and inclusive school community. Senior Prefects play a pivotal role in this mission and are expected to carry out their duties with dedication and integrity.