Student Councils

A Student Council is a representative structure in post-primary schools that allows students to be involved in the affairs of their school. They work in partnership with school management, staff, and parents to benefit the school and its students.

The Education Act recognizes the importance of Student Councils in improving academic standards and reducing dropout rates. Student Councils provide opportunities for students to develop communication, planning, and organizational skills. They also create a sense of ownership and engagement among the student population.

The main role of a Student Council is to promote the interests of the school and involve students in its affairs. They set objectives such as enhancing communication, promoting a conducive environment for education and personal development, and supporting the management and staff in school development.

Student Councils should work in cooperation with the Board of Management, parents, and teachers. The Principal, teachers, and Parents’ Association play important roles in supporting and guiding the Student Council.

The functions of a Student Council include representing the views of students, promoting communication within the school, supporting educational development, assisting with induction and mentoring, contributing to school policy, organizing sports and cultural activities, fundraising for charity, and liaising with other Student Councils.

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