High Cross College Music Council

For those selected by the music department to be on the music council, it is an honour and a recognition of your musical talent and leadership abilities.

The music Council isn’t just about music; it also focuses on leadership, organisation, and coordination.

Students learn vital life skills, including communication, teamwork, and time management, which benefit them in the wider community and working world.

Event Coordination

Council members are responsible for organising school music events, providing hands-on experience in event planning, logistics, and rehearsing.

Their role isn’t to do everything. It’s to get everybody involved in it under their guidance and support.

These skills are transferable to careers in event management, marketing, and production.

Music Council

Nina Leufer
Sarah Allen

Accompaniment Leaders
Annie McHugh
Grace Ryan
Amy Jordan
Kate Deignan
Maeve Allen
Niamh Newell

String Leaders
Gráinne Quinn
Catherine Sheridan

Ukulele Leaders
Kyra Costello
Ava Dunne

Traditional Leaders
Lauren Duffy
Eva Moran
Aoife Burke
Niamh Harhen

Vocal Leaders
Katie Larkin
Glory Egbadon
Heather Egan
Ceoladh Lydon

Orchestra Secretaries
Katherine Daly
Caoimhe Meehan

Sound System Leaders
Elisha Cosgrove
Aisling Noone

Music Technology Leaders
Aoife Mongan
Lauren Egan